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Online Reputation Management with Buzz Tracker

The SEO Scan Pro Buzz Tracker searches thousands of discussion forums, blogs, social networks, and other sites for unique mentions of your Shopify Store and your most important keywords.

Social Buzz Tracker is an amazing social media promotion tool. It quickly gives you the ability to participate in highly relevant conversations about your site. Buzz Tracker plays an important role in your web promotion, and overall social media marketing campaigns.

If you enter your stores URL as a keyword, the Social Buzz Tracker becomes a powerful reputation management tool. With SEO Scan Pro you can conduct an analysis of mentions and interact across social media platforms.

Improve your Backlink Profile with the Online Buzz Tracker

With the SEO Scan Pro Social Buzz tool, you're able to quickly identify conversations about your Shopify Store and products. This is important not only from an engagement opportunity standpoint, but also from an SEO link building perspective. To successfully compete for popular keywords on search engines, your website needs links pointing to it from other sites. The quantity and quality of the links are called the "backlink profile". Good backlink profiles will contain links that are:

  1. Coming from a different domains
  2. Coming from sites in your industry
  3. Coming from established and reputed sites

SEO Scan Pro includes a feature-rich set of website promotion and SEO tools. Buzz tracker will point you to mentions of the industry-important keywords and your brand words on social sites, including networks, blogs, micro blogs, discussion forums, and similar sources of new searched-for content. By participating in such discussions you can control and determine your brand reputation.