SEO Auditor Professional SEO Site Audits for Shopify Stores

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Premium SEO Site Audits for Shopify Stores

Even the most beautiful Shopify stores can contain a plethora of SEO issues. When Google and other search engines find these problems, then may lower your sites search engine rankings.

Not performing a routine SEO audit can cost your website a large amount of traffic and sales. The SEO Scan Pro Site Auditor checks your Shopify store and searches for errors that decrease your sites quality and visibility.

Why an SEO Site Audit is Important for a Shopify Store

A Shopify business owner cannot underestimate the importance of SEO site audits.

Our SEO site audit shows you where and how you can optimize your site to boost traffic and overall ranking. It will show you areas where you're on the right track. Most importantly, our audits alert you to potential SEO issues that may be doing serious damage to your Shopify stores rankings, traffic and conversions.

As part of an ongoing Internet marketing strategy, regular site audits are extremely valuable to your success. With SEO Scan Pro, you get automated SEO scans, complete with weekly site audit reports delivered to your email inbox, and not forgetting our online reports site.

Broken Link Report

Broken links may seriously affect your website visibility on search engines and damage your search engine rankings. Technical problems with content may also damage your site credibility. Visitors are less likely to trust websites that contain broken links, which could be affecting your sales.

SEO Audits Of Your Sites Content

Duplicate content and duplicate META information on your pages, unnatural use of keywords on a page (keyword stuffing), excessive number of H1 headings, spammy black-hat techniques, and non SEO-friendly redirects, these are just some of the issues that Google and other search engines look for when ranking your site.

Our "General Search Engine Optimization" report is a powerful tool that provides you with the following:

  • General Search Engine Optimization Report
  • Quantity of the duplicate META tags found on your pages
  • The number of outgoing links on your site pages (this matters to Google)
  • Usage of headers on your pages
  • Usage of keywords on your pages
  • SEO-friendly or non SEO-friendly redirects

By using SEO Scan Pros Site Auditor for broken link checking and full site SEO analysis with page optimization suggestions, you will be able to create a quality Shopify store that will rank high in search engines and gain your visitors trust. Install SEO Scan Pro today and get rid of the issues restraining you from high rankings and conversions.