SEO Reports Online and by Email

SEO Reports

In the fast paced world of online commerce, search engine optimization can be time consuming and confusing. We recognize this and have created a series of reports that deliver maximum value with minimal effort required from you.

Week Reports By Email

Each week we email our clients a snapshot of their stores SEO progress. This is a great way to quickly keep up to date and monitor your store for any changes. Delivered reports also server as a reminder of SEO work that needs to be done.

Online Reports 24/7

For shop owners that want to take a deeper dive into their shops SEO reports, we provide an interactive reporting website. All of your stores SEO progress is stored here, giving you a historical overview and allowing you to track what provides you the biggest SEO gains.

Always up to date

We continuously scan your site, monitoring your its progress. Our reports reflect that and serve as a valuable tool for anyone who is serious about their Shopify stores search engine rankings.

SEO Scan Pro delivers the most advanced SEO reports for Shopify

SEO Scan Pro takes an intelligent approach to SEO, web promotion, and functionality. Our search engine Rank Checker monitors your stores rankings, your competitors' rankings, and it also provides you with accurate results and reports.