Competition Spy Reverse engineer your competitions SEO strategies

Shopify Competition Spy Tool

Beat Your Competition In Search Rankings

SEO Scan Pro gives you a powerful set of tools that will scan your competitions websites, analyze their SEO strategies, and give you real insight on how to beat them with your search engine ranks.

If you are serious about improving your Shopify stores search engine rankings, you need to know why the other guy out ranks you, and how to change that. SEO is a battle for position and you need a plan of attack if you are going to be successful. SEO Scan Pro gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Competition Analysis

SEO Scan Pro gives you the ability to compare yourself to your competitors. Discover who is linking to them, and what keywords they are using to promote themselves. This information gives you the competitive advantage you need to beat them in search engine rankings.

Competition Traffic Reports

Popularity matters to search engines like Google. Traffic can be a good indicator of popularity. By being able to see you competitions traffic, you can see how much ground you need to cover to catch them; you can also see how far ahead you are from the next competitor. Of course traffic isn't the only thing that matters in SEO, but it can be an important indicator.