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Why you should know how many backlinks your site has

Links to your site are a significant factor of search engine ranking. The more websites that point to a site, the more important the site is considered to be by Google and other dominant search engines - these are "backlinks". In the last few years backlinks have grown in importance to search engines. Google uses backlinks to help determine reputation and relevance. Having high quality links point to your site can significantly boost your search engine rankings. However, low-quality backlinks may reduce your rankings. Determining backlinks by hand is a very difficult process, SEO Scan Pro makes the process easy.

Backlink Quality Checker - Dashboard

Colorful pie charts will show you the ratio of NoFollow and DoFollow backlinks, sitewide and non-sitewide links, images and text links, toxic and high-qualitative backlinks.

With line charts you will be able to monitor your link popularity compared to those of your competitors. A special summary table will show the number of backlinks, linking pages, unique IP addresses of linking domains, linking domains (including .GOV and .EDU) and the unique subnets of linking domains.

Learn who links to you

  • Linking Pages report - shows the link type and link text, including the target page.
  • Linking Domains report - discover the total number of links pointing to your Shopify store. Find the links that genuinely help your sites rankings, and the links that potentially damage your rankings (toxic links).

Compare Your Backlinks To Your Competitors

It's important to know strategic information about your competitors, including whether or not they are far ahead of you in terms of link building. Understanding their link numbers will help you to determine what needs to be done to better compete against them.

SEO Scan Pro combines a smart approach to SEO, promotion and functionality You can optimize your site pages, then check your backlink profile quality with our state of the art online Backlink Quality Checker tool.