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SEO Audit Tool

Website SEO Auditor

We monitor your site for any SEO related problems and make suggestions on how you can fix them. This is a critical tool for gaining a better rank in search engines.

Rank Checker Tool

Rank Checker

Keep your finger on the pulse of your Shopify store. Historical data lets you discover what SEO tactics are helping, or in some cases, hurting you.

Keyword Insights

Keyword Tool

Are the keywords and phrases you're using actually attracting new customers to your site? Our Keyword insight tool helps you to make the informed choices.

Backlink tools

Backlink Quality Checker

Site popularity is a major ranking factor for Google these days. Find the sites that link to yours. Get insights into your competitors - who links to them and why they currently outrank you.

Social Tracking Tools

Social Media Tracker

Search engines are starting to look at social media to see what people are saying about your site. Negative comments may affect your rankings one day. Stay on top of the conversation with our tools.

Competition Tracking Tools

Competition Spy

Track your competition, and reverse engineer their SEO strategies, and compare your strength and weaknesses. Gain the upper hand in search engine rankings.

SEO Reports

Weekly Reports

Each week you will get a custom report emailed to you containing in depth data about your site and its users. You also have unlimited access to more reports online.

SEO Newsletter

SEO Newsletter

You'll receive professional SEO tips emailed to you on a regular basis. Our newsletter contains valuable information that will send your site to the top of the search engine ranks.

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SEO Scan Pro

$ 25.00 / MONTH